How will replica watch breakage affect the re-pricing of luxury replica watches?

Luxury watches are more than just an accessory to tell time. They are important financial investments that you want to protect. However, wearing them every day can cause some wear and tear, so it is important to understand what the watch's damage means to the watch's resale value. How luxury watch damage affects the value of your replica watch, the various components of the replica watch are susceptible to various degrees of damage. Here are the 7 most vulnerable areas and their percentages that may cancel the resale value:

Case - Protects the metal case and encloses the work of the replica watch. The good news is that the slight scratches on the case have the least impact on the resale value - up to 5%.

However, significant damage (including nicks and dents) may require extensive re-polishing, which can affect the shape of the replica watch. The edges may need to be rounded, making the replica watch no longer brand new - up to 50%.

Bezel - A fixed bezel that protects the internal mechanism of the watch. The bezel is usually the most used in watches, especially the rubber bezels of some watch brands can withstand deep grooving. Whether the replica rolex watch requires a brand new baffle - up to 60%.

Mirror - a transparent cover that protects the surface of the replica watch

Usually made of sapphire crystal, these can still be broken or even broken. Chips can get up to 10% off the resale price, while broken crystals require a lot of work and can take off as much as 70%. If the dial is broken, the glass can enter the movement and need to be carefully removed.

Strap - leather, metal or plastic strap

Keeping all links is important because the cost of each link can range from $60 to $700 or more. Wear and deep chisel - up to 30%

The crown button on the outside of the crown is used for the winding list

Damaged crowns can eliminate resale values ​​by up to 20%, while missing crowns orologi replica can eliminate up to 30%. When the crown lacks water and dust, it can cause significant damage to the movement and requires a lot of work.

Dial - the surface of the replica watch

Old watches have patina (a thin green or brown layer on the metal surface) but the original dial retains their value. However, the value of the rearranged dial will drop by 50% as it will compromise the authenticity of the replica watch. Therefore, although the dial may not look perfect, the price at the time of resale will be much higher than when the dial is replaced with a new non-branded dial.

Movement - the fake watch mechanism that calculates the passage of time

Much like the dial, the value of luxury watches replaced with non-Swiss replica watch brand components is reduced by 50%. It is important to remember that if all components are not specific to the fake watch brand, the ceasuri replica collectible replica watch will be considered tampering. To ensure the highest possible resale price, avoid using non-factory parts to replace components.